Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business
Presented by Randy Mitson

Remember with out a solid foundation in customer service your social marketing efforts will never be profitable.  People have the right to express their opinion, all you can do is adapt and address the good with the bad.

The social media platform, with more members than most countries in the world.  Currently there are more than 800 million Active members, that’s 24x the population of Canada!  If your not here your missing the action.  Chances are if you don’t create a page then maybe a client will.  

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as "tweets".  I suggest installing Tweetdeck on your computer or smart phone to keep up with all those tweets where ever you are.

Google’s platform for videos.  More people are watching Youtube right now that are watching TV.  Remember when Video on demand was fantasy, well it’s here.  You should be here too.  A video is by far the best way to share your expert knowledge and the experience you offer.

Connecting business to business and person to person, one of the oldest social media sites, Linkedin is great for developing business relationships.  With over 135 million members, 72% of them are 25-54 years of age.  A perfect business match.

Google is a great free source for everything from Email, to Calendars, Maps and social networks.  Google’s business structure has changed the way business is done.  (Good read: Jeff Jarvis’s “What would Google do”)

Constant Contact Newsletter:
It’s important to start building your member base.  To do so you’ll need to get permission from your clients to contact them through email.  Newsletters like Constant Contact are an excellent way to start doing this.  Remember if you have different demographics to categorize clients by their likes and interests.

Remember the old days with a book case lined with that treasured encyclopaedia?  Well times are changing so fast that as soon as it’s on paper it’s out of date now.  So it’s all gone digital and you to can have your own entry on what ever topic you feel is warrant.  Share your knowledge and experience.

Online Forms:
The best way to find out more about your clients is to ask them.  Your reach and reaction has never been greater now that you can access online forms.  Customers love contests too so be sure to create a contest form that asks them to join your Email Newsletter list at the same time.  
  • Google also offers forms for free as part of it’s Documents App

Online Contests:
There’s many rules to follow with online contests.. Facebook has some pretty strict rules.  Make it simple by using a company that is set up to comply with all those rules and make running a contest simple and easy.

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