Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Make a Facebook Page

1.  Go to “Create a Page” on Facebook:

Create a Facebook Page

2.  Choose a page type. Facebook offers 6 types of business pages and each one has a slightly different layout. If you aren’t sure which type best describes your business, it may help to look at the category lists (click the page type to see its category options). For this example, I’ll pick “Brand or Product”
3.  Pick a category from the drop-down list of options. Below, I chose “Jewelry/Watches” as the category:

4.  Carefully choose a name for your page. This name is permanent and will appear at the top of your page. Oftentimes you’ll want to use the name of your business (like “Jewel’s Jewelry”).
5.  Select the check box to accept Facebook’s terms.
6.  Click the “Get Started” box.
7.  If you already have a personal Facebook profile, check “I already have a Facebook account” and you’ll be prompted to sign in to your profile’s account.
8.  If you don’t have a personal Facebook profile, check “I do not have a Facebook account” and fill out the information required. You’ll be then asked to confirm your email address. 

As you probably figured out from steps 7 and 8, your personal profile and your business page are linked; your profile is considered the “administrator” of your page. Facebook connects pages to profiles so users can trust there is a real person behind each page (and not some sort of robot).

Next Steps

  1. Click “Edit Page” in the upper right corner to adjust your page’s settings, manage permissions, add basic information, upload a profile pic, and more:

2. Learn more. Facebook’s Help Center entry on Pages has a lot of useful info about maintaining and promoting your page. And if you’re wondering why Facebook pages are superior to Facebook profiles (for business purposes), check out my Facebook Pages vs. Profiles blog post.

3. Create custom tabs—like a Welcome tab and a Fan Coupon tab—for your Facebook page with Pagemodo or other similar company. These tabs make your Facebook page more eye-catching, unique, and professional, which is crucial for small businesses striving to get more customers.

Congrats on your new page! Doesn’t it feel good to be ahead of the curve?

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